Who is DEFdesign?

Who is DEFdesign?  I'm still really asking myself that question even as I type this post. Quite simply, I am a thinker.  An overzealous dreamer.  Above all I am a designer and an inventor of sorts.  I believe that nothing in the world around us will ever stay stagnant for much longer than a week, maybe two.  That is why designers must invent new ways to make, create and envision a world that is better than one we are sitting in at any given time.  Our job is to be visionaries and to be inspired by the world around us, this inspiration is drawn from the belief that nothing is ever final and everything can be altered.  I never see anything as 'fixed', we can change just about everything in our daily lives by simply thinking about different solutions and applying them.  Every single day I wake up with the intentions to make that day much better than yesterday. Without this blinding ambition to create change in our environment, there is no need for designers and thus no progression into a brighter and more fruitful tomorrow.

Words are possibly the most crucial part of design.  If we are unable to communicate our ideas through text and speech then our concepts may as well be invalid.  The easiest way to reach the masses is through the written word, it is also the easiest way to flush out bad ideas.  As a designer in the field of architecture, words become even more crucial since the final product I am delivering can't be physically mocked up over and over again, I must convey many initial concepts through speech and writing.  If successful through the means of words, a designer may embark on much larger and endearing tasks.   

Utilizing words as a way of envisioning and making a better design, I intend this blog to be the premature steps toward new design concepts.  Growing out of observations and turning into possible design iterations, I will use the linguistics I post as discussion points, hoping my audience will react and weigh in creating a vehicle for producing new forms of thought.  It is important to embrace the opinions and thoughts of others and within this arena I will bring up some controversial points and hit on issues that are important to think about in this day in age, both from an architectural and designer point of view.